Any-Random-String Project

MPI-SWS is currently researching targeted attacks, that is, attacks that seek to compromise specific and generally, high-value systems. (Targeted attacks are sometimes also referred to as Advanced Persistent Threats or APTs.) We currently collaborate with heavily-targeted NGOs working on human rights in China. These NGOs share with us suspicious emails that they receive. Through manual analysis, we were able to confirm that most of these emails contain malicious softwares with advanced capabilities. As these NGOs and many others rely on popular webmails for their professional emails, we would like to evaluate the effectiveness of these services to mitigate targeted attacks. To that end, we have created dummy email accounts on several webmail providers (i.e., GMail, Yahoo, and HotMail) and we would like to send malicious attachments to each of them. Our goal is to evaluate the fraction of malicious attachments that by-pass the filters of each provider.

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